Farhaven, born in the urban landscape of Vancouver BC, weaves a tapestry of pop/rock with threads of classic rock and Americana. Their music echoes the influences of icons such as the Beatles, The Strokes, Cut Worms, the Pixies, and Portugal. The Man, marked by a fusion of shimmering guitars and a retro soul.

The band's journey began in 2019 at Kitsilano Secondary School, where Piers and Thomas discovered a shared passion for music. This connection quickly blossomed into songwriting and vibrant live performances, capturing the hearts of a growing fan base.

2022 brought 'Songs for the End of the World', a triple single that ventured into themes of resilience and hope. The following year, 'Going Home' and 'Take my Number' added layers of upbeat energy and wit to their repertoire, resonating with fans in live settings.

The final piece of Farhaven's puzzle clicked in 2023 with Connor joining as the bassist, infusing new creative energy into the band. As they continue to evolve, Farhaven remains dedicated to their art, their fans, and the impact they aspire to make through their music."


Thomas, the rhythm guitarist and vocalist of Farhaven, grew up in Vancouver's rich musical landscape. His style, influenced by bands like Oasis and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, weaves through the fabric of each song, inviting listeners to find their own meaning in the music.


Sebastian, the drummer for Farhaven, brings a blend of Hard Rock, Blues, Jazz, and Funk to the band's rhythm section. Inspired by legendary drummers, his style adds a classic yet fresh beat to their sound, echoing four years of dedicated practice and passion.


Piers, leading Farhaven with guitar and vocals, started his musical journey at 16. His early experiment with EDM evolved into a love affair with the guitar. Drawing inspiration from both classic and contemporary artists, Piers's guitar work is a cornerstone of Farhaven's unique sound.